My brother Louis organized his first Game Jam called “EPIC RANDOM JAM” in France. The idea is really cool and guaranties loads of fun.  The time limit for development is 48hours. The name of the games to be developed are randomly generated with the awesome generator at http://videogamena.me/. Each participant received a list of 10 random games names to choose from.

I got the following list to choose from:epic random jam

  • Asian Hovercraft Party
  • Galactic Dodgeball Armageddon
  • Enormous Terrorist Fever
  • Miracle Animal Raider
  • All-star drug-dealing destruction
  • Celtic Baking Competition
  • Heavy Bazooka Caper
  • Ghetto Computer Online
  • Biblical Shaving – The Revenge
  • Deep Space Amish III

I went for Enormous Terrorist Fever. I used Adobe Flash for the graphics and coding.  Graphics were not a priority in the limited time given 😉 . Credits for the sound effects in the “About” menu.


Terrorists got an ENORMOUS FEVER epidemic which causes them to detonate. You need to cool them down with water for them to reach the hospital were they can get proper treatment before exploding!


Get the game:

You can either download the game:

Windows Executable Zipped, 4.3MB 

Or play online:

Congratulations to Louis for his successful event!

To know more, you can check the dedicated Facebook page.

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  1. Louis Denizet July 1, 2014 6:23 pm  Reply

    Awesome entry, great idea and great realisation with the time you had.

    Good game design 😉

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