Real Power Draw

I got a device to measure the real power consumption of the devices I had around.
Here is a list of the measures I took so far, to be completed.

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Raspberry PI Power Consumption
Raspberry PI (Running RaspBMC)2.6 ~ 3.0 Watts
Raspberry PI shutdown (not unplugged)0.8 Watts
Dell PowerEdge 2950 II Power Consumption
  • 2x Xeon L5320
  • 16GB DDR2
  • 3x 146GB @ 15K RPM hard drives
  • DRAC 5
Server shutdown, single PSU19.1 Watts
Server booting XenSever, single PSU250.0 Watts
Server shutdown, dual PSU21.8 Watts
Server booting XenServer, dual PSU277.4 Watts
Cheap and Silent XenServer Box Power Consumption
  • AMD APU E-350
  • 8GB DDR3
  • 1x 32GB SSD
Running XenServer with 2VMs21.0 ~ 22.9 Watts
Shutdown2.8 Watts


Intel i3 based Desktop
  • Intel i3-2100 @ 3.10GHz
  • 8GB DDR3
  • 1x 128GB Crucial M4 SSD
  • 1x 500GB WD Blue
  • AMD Radeon 6770, 3 screens setup
Powered off1.3 Watts
Sleeping2.2 Watts
Desktop use84.1 ~ 106.5 Watts
Running ArmA3135.1 Watts



AOC e2251Fw flat screen
  • 21.5″, 1920×1080
  • Power brick, 12Vdc @ 3.0 Amps
Powered off0.0 Watts
Sleeping0.0 Watts
On, black screen21.1 Watts
On, white screen17.0 Watts

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