Ludum Dare 34 Game Jam: Grow a beard with handsome Dave, ranked 223/2865

I had the opportunity to take part in the Ludum Dare game jam #34 in which teams taking part are supposed to create a game in 48h on a given theme. My brother Louis was already presenting a game on his own but we decided to join our efforts on a second game because why not 🙂

To spice things up, we switched our usual roles:

  • Louis did the programming
  • I did most of the game design, graphics and sounds

The game is a compilation of mini-games to grow a glorious beard following the precepts of your beard coach Handsome Dave! (Themes were “Growing” or “Two Button Controls”)

Louis recorded some gameplay on YouTube:

Game is playable in HTML5:

LD 34 entry rating, quite happy with that!

We got great feedback though we finished a little late:

  • #13 out of 2865 in Humor
  • #223 out of 2865 Overall

We were quite satisfied  with that because of the limited resources we had and the little time we spent.

Special thanks to Benjamin who contributed the original music!

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