DigitalOcean VPS SSD benchmark

DigitalOcean offers excellent VPS service starting just $5 a month, and for this price, you already get 20GB of SSD storage.

Here is a benchmark to compare marketing to technology.

dd benchmark

Benchmarking methodology provited by

Writing speed:

Unbuffered reading speed:

Buffered reading speed:

bonnie++ benchmark

Benchmarking methodology provited by

Note will not be installed in most distributions and need to b added with:

What does it mean?

  • We can constantly write to about ~262MB/s
  • We can constantly read to about ~732MB/s
  • We can seek about 14200 blocks per second


Is that good? Well, that’s what we can except from a good SSD on a 6Gbps bus.

The writing performance compares to a Crucial M4 256GB or a Samsun 840 Evo 120GB or a Intel 525 180GB (See Tom’s Hardware Charts). But let’s not forget that DigitalOcean provides RAIDs protection with also the benefit of giving outstanding read performance.

I don’t have an array of HDD to give a comparative test, however DigitalOcean delivers and my databases should run more than fine even with low memory thanks to high IOPS! Thank you DigitalOcean!

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