Install AjaXplorer with SSL on Debian 7

AjaXplorer file sharing platform

AjaXplorer file sharing platform

Update 2015-08-15: This article is now outdated. The Pydio website now contains accurate Pydio 6 configuration at

AjaXplorer (now rebranded Pydio) is a nifty web file sharing platform that can be used as a personal cloud.

It offers a Desktop Client now in beta but it seems promising.

Install required packages

Add the package repositories to /etc/apt/sources.list

Then in the command shell:

Create a database

In a MySQL shell started with mysql -p

Create SSL certificates

Adjust the PHP configuration

AjaXplorer recommends to disable the output buffering of PHP for improved performances.

In /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini find this line:

And replace it by:

Note that in the default configuration, this line appears twice, once commented, once not commented!

Create Apache configuration files

Create the VirtualHost for ajaxplorer:


Create a redirection from unsecured to secured connection:


Note that you can actually merge the 2 Apache configuration file into a single file if you find it more convenient.

Activate Apache configuration

In order for the secure connection to work, you will need to disable disable the default VirtualHost with rm /etc/apache/sites-enabled/000-default. Thanks to anerDev for noticing.

Browse your server and follow the installation steps.

Note that the default locations for file storage is in /var/lib/ajaxplorer/data/


  1. anerDev February 21, 2014 9:04 am  Reply

    Good tutorial !
    So, you can create only one single And remove the 000-default site, or don’t work the redirect.

    • Martin DENIZET February 21, 2014 1:13 pm  Reply

      Yes, good point, if you keep the 000-default the redirect won’t work, you can delelte it with
      rm /etc/apache/sites-enabled/000-default
      I will update the article.
      For the single, yes, if you prefer you can create only only. I took the habit of creating one file per VirtualHost instruction for clarity working with other people.

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