Optimize WordPress performances on OVH shared hosting


Acceleration as derivative of velocity along trajectory

With no added cost, why not speed up?

With these simple steps, you can significantly improve the performances of your OVH hosted WordPress.

I recommend that you benchmark your site performance before performing any changes to be able to measure the improvement.

Step1: Switch to PHP-FPM

As described in the OVH documentation, it is now possible to request your site to be handled by PHP-FPM granting better performance than the default handler.

To do so, create .ovhconfig file at the root of your site. eg.  /www/.ovhconfig


Step2: Enable compression and browser caching

This is done in the .htaccess file at the root of your site. eg. /www/.htaccess

Note that I keep the SetEnv instructions as a fallback.
See more about the configuration of the .ovhconf in the official documentation (French)



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  1. Pablo Lopez Fernandez May 7, 2016 6:14 pm  Reply

    Hi Martin,

    nice post!

    I\’m going to try this, but first I\’d like to know if this is something that can improve your speed even more than use W3Cache and similar plugins.

    Also a question, do you follow this steps and also use plugins to improve your speed?

    Thank you for your time and knowledge! 🙂

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